“On behalf of Shanghai Pudong Cultural Delelopment, we’d like to say thank you for your wonderful show in Jinan, China. Also, we’d like to express our admiration and respect for your professional ethic! Though it has been over for 2 weeks, your excellent show had left us deep impression. We still remember your performance, which was so perfect and brilliant that we couldn’t help missing them in our dream! It seems to happen just yesterday! We sincerely hope that we would have more chances to cooperate with you again!”

- Rain Wang, Shanghai Pudong Cultural Delelopment

“The Craz-E-Crew is one of the most talented, entertaining, and personal group of world-class athletes that we have had perform at Jellystone Park and The Neighborhood Skatepark. They carry not only a great sense of professionalism, but a drive and hunger to perform to the best of their ability every time they have a show. All of our guests and employees at both Jellystone Park and The Neighborhood Skatepark have enjoyed Craz-E-Crew’s shows.”

- Ed VanDerMolen and Matt VanDerMolen, Jellystone Park and The Neighborhood Skatepark

“The Craz-E-Crew Stunt Team was a fabulous attraction free with admission to the fair. Not, only were there standing room only audiences at every performance, but so many of your newfound fans kept coming back show after show for thrill after thrill. We really appreciated the cooperation your group of performer-athlete demonstrated from the time you pulled into the fairgrounds until departure.”

- Bonnie C. Brosious, The Great Allentown Fair

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