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“The Craz E Crew is a Canadian based and a performer Owned and Operated company. This gives insurance of genuine quality and talent of each performer and performance”.


The Owners

Patrick Chenier: Director of Marketing

  • Co-Owner and founder of Craz E Crew
    Stunt Team
  • Collegiate Diploma in Advertising
  • Collegiate Diploma in Commerce & Marketing
  • Marketing, sponsorships, promotions and advertising (20 years of experience)
  • Live show productions (18 years of experience)
  • Responsible for all operations and
    company structure
  • Responsible for major projects and
    successful campaigns
  • Experience in working with International clients and Governments
  • Fluently bilingual in French and English
  • Professional BMX performer (19 years of experience)

John Heaton: General Manager

  • Co-Owner of Craz E Crew Stunt Team
  • Professional BMX World Champion (14 years)
  • Marketing and sponsorships
    (12 years experience)
  • Responsible for staff hiring and training
  • Responsible for company operations and over seeing major projects
  • Experience working with International clients and Governments
  • 1st place at Asia X-Games (gold medal)
  • 2nd place twice at the World Championships
  • 4th place at Global X-Games for Canada


Ben Kaufmann: Director of Operations

  • Co-Owner of Craz E Crew Stunt Team
  • Mechanical Engineering Technician Diploma
  • Professional BMX Performer
  • Responsible for management and operations
  • Marketing and sponsorship experience
  • Responsible for major projects and campaigns
  • Published photographer and videographer
  • Responsible for show site layout, design and construction


Our mission statement

The focus of the Craz E Crew Stunt Team since day one was to find a way to live out our dreams and to travel the world while performing shows and to produce what is now one of the largest and most popular thrill shows in the world. We were then, and will always be determined to provide a service that is honest, reliable, friendly and to continue fulfilling the highest quality of entertainment each and every time.

We understand the confidence our clients place in us to deliver the most memorable experience for audiences at every show and this is why we pride ourselves on gaining our clients trusts by always providing the most professional, courteous and convenient service on continuing basis for the many years to come.

Trends and keeping a fresh new look

There is always something new being added to the show! New performers, stunts, format and additional ramps to constantly keep the show at its highest quality and to give our clients and audiences something new to see each year!

Custom design themed shows

Craz E Crew can easily custom design any style of shows around the world. These unique and choreograph shows for either special events or themed parks can last for one week or up to yearly stage shows. From pirate style shows with exciting live extreme sports stunts or crazy jungle themed shows with flying acrobats, craz-e-crew can create amazing awe inspiring productions for any audience’s internationally.

Stunt work and commercials

Craz E Crew as a variety of professional bmx riders, skateboarders, in-line skaters and stunt artists who have already made and produced numerous famous commercials, movies and all sorts of media advertising.

TV commercials such as Bauer Hockey Skates, Sprite, Capital One Mascot Challenge, and Television shows such as the Documentary of Elvis Stojko Professional Career, Canada Day CBC Celebration, Global X-Games, Whistler TV series and so much more…

Craz E Crew can also custom design special stunt ramps for any commercial, movie or media shoot.

Ramp building

If you are looking to build a skate park or looking for a special type of personalized custom design ramps, Craz E Crew as many years of experience building professional ramps anywhere around the world which are safe, unique and durable.

Let us design your new park and making it a great success for the years to come!

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“Each show had the crowd on the edge of their seats from start to finish with their action packed stunts and maneuvers. The guys were great to work with and their level of professionalism and dedication did not go unnoticed throughout the 10 days of our event. It is without hesitation that I would recommend the Craz-E-Crew stunt team to any fair, organization or any other corporate event.”

- Tracy Stutsky, Calagary Exhibition and Stampede

“Craz-E-Crew was professional, reliable and enthusiastic delivering high quality, energetic shows. Their staff and performers worked well with our staff and their attention to details and safety standards led to a safe and worry free program”

- Karen Bradford, Canadian National Exhibition

“Thank you for Craz-E-Crew’s performances at Klondike Days 2004. With nearly 750,000 guests visiting the fair this year, your contribution as an artist was appreciated in making our guests’ experience a memorable one!”

- Kim Simkin and Jennifer Sookdeo, Northland Park Edmonton

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