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One of the largest extreme sports shows in the world is bigger than ever and ready to thrill millions more spectators. The show has crossed Canada from coast to coast and performed at major fairs, festivals, exhibitions, special events, amusement and theme parks. Well traveled, the Craz-E-Crew Stunt Team is now recognized internationally and has had the opportunity to tour in the United States and the privilege of being the first show of its kind to perform in China, Saudi Arabia, Oman, India and Nigeria.


Pro-Class Extreme Sports Athletes

In a spectacular and high action world class show. Performers are always pushing to go bigger, faster and higher. Reaching heights of 18 feet above the ground they showcase the most difficult and daring of stunts.

High Energy and Super-Charged Stunt Show

The team has over 23 years of experience entertaining for large audiences. All athletes are professional performers and have competed professionally in some of today’s biggest international contests. With this exposure the performers are well known and have made appearances in internationally distributed Alternative Sports Videos and Magazines as well as in Newspapers, Television and Radio Shows.

Audiences will be thrilled by the Craz-E-Crew’s interactive stunt shows. Our team performers have all been selected for their experience, talent and attitude and create a good bond with audiences of all kinds by taking time after each performance to answer questions and of course to sign autographs.

They are highly motivated and devoted to entertaining in each and every performance.

These are a few reasons why audiences around the world call the Craz-E-Crew Stunt Team one of the best shows they’ve ever seen!

“This years celebration were an unquestionable success, with the Parliament Hill alone attracting more than 150,000 visitors and you played a big part of it again this year! On behalf of the National Capital Commission, I would like to sincerely thank you for your participation in Canada Day 2002. The activities at Major Hill’s Park, including your extreme sports stunt show, were very much appreciated by the public an proved to be tremendously popular! Your enthusiasm, professionalism and your smile really made a positive impact”

- Nathalie LeBlanc, National Capital Commission

“What a talented group of guys you are! The crowds of people watching your show each day were amazed at the stunts and skills that the group performed. On behalf of the South Florida Fair, I would recommend your group for any type of venue. You are excellent athletes and your professionalism stands out with your crowd involvement each time you perform. I look forward to working with you again in the future.”

- Lisa Dudding, South Florida Fair

“The Craz-E-Crew is one of the most talented, entertaining, and personal group of world-class athletes that we have had perform at Jellystone Park and The Neighborhood Skatepark. They carry not only a great sense of professionalism, but a drive and hunger to perform to the best of their ability every time they have a show. All of our guests and employees at both Jellystone Park and The Neighborhood Skatepark have enjoyed Craz-E-Crew’s shows.”

- Ed VanDerMolen and Matt VanDerMolen, Jellystone Park and The Neighborhood Skatepark

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